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Young Leadership

Young Leadership (YL) is a Division of UIA for young adults aged 18-34. YL provides a forum for young adults to express their support for Israel through a Campaign and series of fundraising events held predominately in the month of March of each year. These events are the largest of their type in Australia for young Jewish people and are a powerful demonstration of support  of Jews showing solidarity with Israel.


YL is part of the International YL network – a union of young Jewish adults who have joined together across the globe to achieve a common goal.


Funds raised by YL are sent to Israel and become part of the general fund. However, over the past 4 years, some of these funds are being used to support two programs which Keren Hayesod-UIA have deemed as “High Need” - Youth Futures and Ayalim.


Youth Futures

Youth Futures provides children and teenagers at risk with an equal opportunity to develop their unique skills and talents in order to break out of the cycle of poverty and underachievement affecting the most disadvantaged and marginalized youth . This highly successful program focuses individual attention and community resources on each child through the skilled care of specially trained ‘trustees’ (counsellors). As a result these children are propelled onto paths of self-worth and opportunity.


Ayalim is a new model of settlement and social action in which vision and reality go hand in hand. By offering housing and academic scholarships in return for community service, this initiative provides young people with a social commitment, the opportunity to settle in Israel’s periphery and to serve as agents of change.

A recent Ayalim experience....

A group of 39 students boarded a plane on 27 November 2014 for an intensive 6 week 'EMET' programme in Israel through the Board of Jewish Eduction. They visited Ayalim and one student, Caroline Freeman wrote about her eye opening experience.

'Following lunch, we headed off to Lod where we saw the Ayalim program in action, a process of volunteering to help those in need by building infrastructure and much more. We encountered apartments built by this program, entirely of shipping containers, which were being used for economic and ecological housing for university students in particular. We met a girl who was currently participating in the Ayalim program, as well as a student living in the housing who welcomed us to look into her house.'


Where the Funds Go

·         $10 per month provides one child with a personal or festival celebration each year

·         $18 a month supports material for after school programs in Youth Futures


·         $36 a month helps cover costs of a mentor for children-at-risk on the Youth Futures Program


·         $54 a month helps fund Early Childhood centres providing the best start to a child’s education

·         $84 a month supports one child in the Youth Futures  program for a year


·         $180 a month assists university tuition fees for one Ayalim student while they volunteer in their Community

·         $300 a month provides an allowance for one Ayalim student when working in their Community