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Womens Division

Women’s Division recognises women as the pillar of the Jewish family and the educators of the next generation and so ensuring Jewish continuity. This strength is harnessed globally through 40 Women’s Campaigns in 19 countries demonstrating a common goal in the love and support of Israel.

The aim of UIA Women’s Division is to involve Jewish women as active participants in the fulfillment of the needs of new Olim. This includes their Immigration and Absorption raising funds to support the basic needs of housing, health and education ultimately strengthening the State of Israel and its people

In NSW the Women’s Division allocates funds to two special projects - Victims of Terror Fund and The Nurit Absorption Centre. The Victims of Terror fund is a new focus for 2016 and provdies immediate support and backing to help terror victims and their families. The Nurit Absorption Center provides a warm and welcoming first home for New Ethiopian Olim.



The Victims of Terror Fund - Recovery and Rehabiliation


With recent renewed attacks and wave of terror currently engulfing every sector of Israeli society, no one is left untouched. Everyone is a potential victim - young, old, citizen and soldier, secular and religious.

Keren Hayesod-UIA's supported Victims of Terror Fund is on the ground, ready to spring to action to provide immediate support and backing to help anyone, anywhere. We encourage you to help us to support Israel's victims of terror by either providing immediate assistance through emergency grants and/or funding necessary to secure long-term rehabilitation for victims and their families.

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The Nurit Ethiopian Absorption Centre


Funded by the Jewish Agency and UIA, under the guidance of Director Asher Vaknin, Ethiopian Olim rescued by the UIA are given skills to help them integrate into Israeli Society. At any one time, Nurit is home to approximately 500 new Ethiopian Olim who live there for a minimum of two years before moving on as strong and independent Israeli citizens.

Since 2000, NSW Women’s Division has funded the following projects within Nurit:

  • Two computer rooms fitted with computers and printers as well as a program called Etgarim – a Hebrew/Amharic dual language educational software
  • Sponsorship of annual Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs consisting of one year’s tuition, the ceremony, special clothing and a trip to Jerusalem with their family.
  • Fully equipped playground
  • The establishment of an Early Childhood Learning Centre which also serves as a Club house, and Kindergarten
  • 7 New Ulpan classrooms
  • A library program supplying each family a pack of 10 books to continue the reading process and development when they leave Nurit
  • Renovation of Synagogue
  • Equipment upgrade for computer rooms

Nurit Absorption Centre 15 Year Reunion

UIA NSW Women's Division has supported the Nurit Absorption Centre since 1999 fulfilling the many needs of the new Ethiopian Olim.  Each year additional special projects are funded to improve the facilities at the Centre.  Since its opening thousands of Ethiopian immigrants have called the Nurit Absorption Centre their first home in Israel.

Fifteen years later, on June 10 this year, the young alumni were given the opportunity to "come home" for a Reunion.  This event was made possible through the generous support of the NSW Women's Division and President Women's Division Australia, Penny Hurst OAM and NSW Co-Chairmen Bev Michaelis and Judy Stromer shared in the emotional, moving and heartwarming celebration.

About 8 months prior, a young man contacted the Social and Cultural Director of Nurit, Tali Yakovian, saying he would love to see the Centre again and from this request a seed was planted and Tali dreamed a dream.  Through social media she was able to connect with an extraordinary number of these young alumni and more than 450 "came home" for an unforgettable experience.  Most of them had not been back nor seen old friends, teachers, mentors and counsellors since their time at Nurit.  The atmosphere was electric and the feeling of affection, good memories and re-connection was palpable.

They remembered the "Australian ladies" from visits over the years and there were many expressions of appreciation for our support which "opened doors for them" (in their words), gave them the chance to learn computers and for the privilege of having their Bar & Bat Mitzvahs culminating in a visit to Jerusalem.

Early in the evening our Women's Division representatives met with a small group of these wonderful young men and women, listened to their personal stories and then together toured the Centre hearing many comments of how it was remembered as being much bigger when they lived there!  A "focus group" has now been created to provide information and to evaluate and assess the effect the absorption centre had on their lives, where they are today and suggestions for the future.

An "Opportunities Fair" was also organised with representatives from the IDF, the Jewish Agency and big business offering information and prospects.  This was followed by a food fair including Ethiopian delicacies provided by Efrat Assefa-Dawit - wife of our previous Executive Director, Fentahun - who now owns her own restaurant.

Later that evening, during a special ceremony honouring Tali and the miracle she created, the Sydney Women's Division were acknowledged and thanked for their support.   To close this amazing event there was a dance party with music by Strong Black Coffee - an incredibly successful Ethiopian group who are currently top of the Israeli hit parades - and had everyone dancing well into the night.

"It was wonderful to see so many of the alumni who are now young adults - soldiers, students, professionals, community-minded, mentors - each with his own very special story".


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Our Pins of Recognition

Or L'Atid

Keren Hayesod has introduced a new level of commitment called the Or L'Atid - a light for the future - and is represented by a Lion of Judah carrying a flame. It requires a one off contribution of $100,000 and can be given in the name of a daughter or granddaughter. The interest generated will become a perpetual annual Lion of Judah contribution and will guarantee the commitment to Israel for the next generation.

Tiferet Lion of Judah

The Tiferet Lion of Judah is awarded to exemplary women who through their nobleness of spirit have upgraded their commitment to the highest level of giving. "Tiferet" means honour. The generosity of these women is an expression of their dedication to the continuity and enrichment of our people. They bring Tiferet to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel.

Lev Chai

The Lev Chai is an internationally recognised level of giving expressing the solidarity of women towards Jewish continuity. The pin has a Magen David intertwined with three hearts – representing a loving heart, a giving heart and a Jewish heart – linking the State of Israel with Jewish women around the world.

The Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah has been chosen as the symbol of our peoples’ strength and determination. It is presented to those women who have reached a level of commitment and dedication, inspiring others to take personal responsibility for the humanitarianneeds of Israel and its people. The pin is proudly worn by women worldwide reaffirming the belief that individual giving is a privilege and a responsibility.

The Women’s Division of NSW would like to thank its 2016 Sponsors