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Our History

Since its inception in 1920, KH-UIA has assisted over three million Jews to make Aliyah and has helped them to find their way in Israeli society. Hundreds of thousands of orphaned and disadvantaged youth have been nurtured and educated in frameworks supported by KH-UIA. Scores of disadvantaged neighbourhoods and border towns have been rehabilitated and strengthened through KH-UIA Programs and Projects. 

KH-UIA is the main institution for financing the Zionist Organization's activities in Eretz Israel. When the country gained its independence, many functions that had been handled by KH-UIA were transferred to the Jewish Agency, and KH-UIA concentrated on the financing of immigration, absorption and settlement.

After more than ninety years, KH-UIA has turned vision into a flourishing reality. With the help of outstanding lay leaders, KH-UIA continues to act as a unique network that connects Jewish communities on five continents and serves as a bridge between them and their ancestral homeland. 

Since the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, KH has:

  • Supported the immigration of over 3,000,000 Jews to Israel
  • Given new hope and opportunities to 350,000 youth-at-risk
  • Reconstructed 90 disadvantaged neighbourhoods and development towns