Absorption Centres

A first home in the Jewish homeland

Aliyah and Absorption are still a major resource for ensuring Israel’s growth and security

Over 10,000 Olim currently benefit from vital absorption support provided by Israel’s Absorption Centres. Among them are Ethiopian Olim in need of direct social and educational care and intensive acclimatisation to modern culture and society. Israel’s Olim receive a six-month ulpan (Hebrew language immersion program), with the option of living on an Absorption Centre. Olim from Ethiopia are provided with additional educational and social support and often require a second year of accommodation at an Absorption Centre before becoming self-sufficient.

Ethiopian National Project(ENP)

The ENP Effect - swift results with a grass roots spirit

Reversing entrenched cycles of poverty, low educational achievement and high crime rates within the Ethiopian-Israeli community, the ‘ENP effect’ has become blatantly visible wherever ENP programs are implemented.

Capitalizing on the community’s understanding of their own needs and the strong leadership of successful young Ethiopian Israelis, the ENP confronts the key obstacles facing the community’s Year 7 to Year 12 students. ENP social and cultural Outreach Centres have proven an attractive and effective drawing point for community youth. 96% of those involved in the Outreach Centres stay in school.

Young Communites

Young Israeli’s ignite social action

Last year, an energetic spirit of social activism inspired 500 young Israelis to form groups of Young Communities and settle in Israel’s most disadvantaged towns and neighborhoods, where they contributed their skills to assisting weaker populations at a community level. 

Get Involved

Get Involved

Our Volunteers are essential to the success of our Campaign. They are a vital part of the Campaign team - our UIA Family - which includes Cabinet, Heads of Divisions, Hosts and Office Administrative Helpers. UIA is fortunate to have access to their eagerness, devotion and energy. UIA gains great value from their expertise in areas such as IT, law, publishing, accounting and business. Volunteers can be Keyworkers or members of the UIA Taskforce, and are often bot...


United Israel Appeal is the Australian arm of Keren Hayesod in Israel. UIA NSW in partnership with the global Jewish community, works to further the national priorities of the State of Israel and Israeli society, with special emphasis on advancing weaker communities; nurturing disadvantaged and marginalized youth; encouraging aliyah; implementing rescue operations; and connecting young Diaspora Jews to Israel and Jewish life.